Hat Tip To Anon For Shutting Down SP Scams And Lures

(Please help get the word out)

I just wanted to say major hat tip and thanks to Anon who has been tirelessly shutting down many of SP’s online ‘dating’ profiles for a while now.

Working off the list of the numerous SP profiles Krudler has located, Anon’s creative approach in contacting the site admins directly (and occasionally even places like the billing departments of those sites) has has proven to be very effective.

Like many of us, she originally used the contact forms provided by the dating sites to alert them about SP but a majority of those forms seem to be black holes when it comes to anything actually getting done. Sometimes I wonder if those forms just send the messages people write directly to the trash.

But admin emails and billing departments are generally staffed by actual humans. Some don’t care at all about the safety of their site users as long as there’s $$ to be made, but many do actually care and will remove any SP profiles that are on site.

The less profiles SP has out there the less victims he has access to, so once again thanks Anon for all your efforts to protect people from falling into SP’s spider web!

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(Please help get the word out)
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3 Responses to Hat Tip To Anon For Shutting Down SP Scams And Lures

  1. anon says:

    you’re welcome.

  2. krudler says:

    Hear, hear!

    Nicely done, anon. Thank goodness you figured out a way to make the sites finally take notice of the danger in their midst. And for continuing to employ this technique so effectively. :)

    • anon says:

      it isn’t for lack of trying, since i can think of some sites that won’t do anything. i mean, what more will it take for them? a hammer over the head?

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