His History, Pictures, And Online Predator Activity

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— “Sir Patrick”, the man featured on the tv show Hoarders as an orphan and goofy collector of dolls, is a dangerous fraud. He is a convicted sex offender who has a ton of aliases.

Picture of Sir Patrick O'Shannahan from Hoarders in a sex offender registry profile from Port Charlotte, Florida.— His original name is Roger Eldon Floyd Sisson and he is from Michigan where he lived with his parents. Yes he does have a family, quite a few actually and many children whom he has abandoned.

— After his real history was uncovered he fled from Florida and is now living in Fresno, California mainly under the alias ‘Prince Dr. Khristian Knight’. Yes, seriously.

— He uses hundreds of online ‘dating’ profiles for predatory purposes so watch out for this man or you might end up with empty pockets or worse.

— He’s required to register as a sex offender so if you know of him violating any of the registry laws please contact the police.

Picture of Sir Patrick O'Shannahan from the tv show Hoarders, real name Roger Eldon Floyd Sisson.— He targets churches and uses them as a way to find new victims for his cons and lures.

To see what happens after he lures his victims to his house go to this post: Jane’s Story: Trapped In The Spider’s Web

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Why His “Dating’ Profiles Are Dangerous

Criminal Activity


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2 Responses to His History, Pictures, And Online Predator Activity

  1. Crystal says:

    He would go in to the beauty school I used to go to here in Fresno. He told one if the girls that if we had boys that they were going to hell. He would tell stories about him being the military and other things that made Us feel very uncomfortable.

    • Anita says:

      Hi Crystal,

      Creepy! What he said about boys reminds me of what he used to tell Jane when she was trapped with him

      “He hated boys and said if I ever got pregnant and it was boy he would abort the pregnancy himself.”

      That’s too bad you guys had to be so close to him and listen to all that. If I had my way he’d be banned from all schools, even beauty schools just in case lol. Doesn’t sound like anybody there was falling for his scams though so that’s good to hear.

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