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Hi All,

I’m working on some major structural changes to this page so things might look a bit wonky today.


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3 Responses to Page Changes

  1. cyndi doucette says:

    I ran across your website after veiwing this very disturbed man (“Sir Patrick”) on an episode of “Hoarders”. I realize mosts of these posts are several months old. When reviewing “Steve Vallillo Facebook” posts dated on 10/15/10, he stated that “Sir patrick” had killed himself on that date due to the publicity. Is this true? I live in California..

  2. Hi Cyndi,

    Thanks for your question. Since around the time of Steve’s posting Sir Patrick/Roger Sisson fled Port Charlotte and is alive and well…now living in California usually going under a new alias, Khristian Knight. This has been confirmed by various sources as well as the sex offender registry (see this page for more details:

    He is up to the same old scamming and luring and of course still advertising that he’s looking for someone to be his “little girl”. This list has a sampling of some of his recently updated ‘dating’ profiles:

  3. cyndi doucette says:

    Thanks for the qiuck response to my question. I checked the dating sites…and yes, he is still trolling the internet “looking for a submiisive girl”.

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