This Picture Shows “Sir Patrick” From Hoarders Was Always A Military Faker

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An anonymous source sent in this very interesting picture of “Sir Patrick” aka Roger Sisson from 1968, it shows him at some sort of ball wearing what at first seems to be a military issue uniform. But if you take a closer look it will probably raise your suspicions.

Picture of Sir Patrick from Hoarders back when he was Roger Sisson from Michigan.It did for me that’s for sure, the uniform and medals seemed very sloppy and just off in general. But I’m no expert at military uniforms so I figured the best thing to do was see what some current and ex-military folks thought about the uniform he’s wearing.

I didn’t say who the picture was of, just that the man was a P.O.W. faker nowadays but that his sister was told he was in “the Marine band” when he was younger, so it was possible he actually served in some capacity.

James L. had a really strong reaction to the picture:

“Ridiculously fake! First of all you don’t wear shooting badges with medals and if you did have a purple heart it’d be represented as a medal and not a ribbon, which is sitting randomly above the medals. The ribbons would go on the other side opposite the medals. I could go on and on. Who is this guy?”

then later:

“Oh man, this guy needs to be reported. I think it’s called the Stolen Valor Act. If he’s collecting checks he definitely needs to be turned in. It makes every Marine’s blood boil to see these fakers and cowards. Without a shadow of doubt I can tell you he is not a Marine. Such a blatant lack of knowledge of the uniform. Tell him to show up at a Marine function, the Marine Corps Ball or to try to get on a Marine base with those blues on. He’ll be in for a serious hurting.”

Jim G. had a more measured and thorough reaction, but I think his thoughts on the authenticity of the uniform are pretty clear:

“I see several things that don’t look right:

*The mustache was non-regulation in the Vietnam war period.
Medals are/were worn only on the Marine Corps “A” dress uniform, which is worn only on base for ceremonies, and never while on liberty or leave. White gloves are/were worn only during ceremonies or when assigned to Presidential/Cabinet duties. The shoeshine is most unsatisfactory for ceremonial turnout.

Sir Patrick from Hoarders in 1968 back when he was known as Roger Eldon Floyd Sisson.*The Purple Heart Medal’s ribbon would not be worn when medals are worn.

*Marksmanship medallions would not be worn with medals for valor or service, on the “A” dress uniform.

*The medals should not be pinned individually on the blouse, but should have been mounted together on a single holding bar, to be worn on a level halfway between the first and second buttons on the front of the blouse, and centered over the pocket.

*The red/blue Good Conduct Medal should be first in precedence of the four medals in the photo, followed by the red/yellow National Defense Service Medal, the yellow US Vietnam Service Medal and with the green/white Vietnamese medal last in precedence.

Sir Patrick from Hoarders wearing fake medals in 1968.*There should be no space between the ribbons on the holding bar, so that its width matches the width of the pocket

*The uniform does not fit the wearer without any slack; the blouse is baggy, the trousers do not hang correctly so that the side-seam stripe is vertical. The individual has an unsightly bulge because of material carried in the blouse’s pocket. The corporal’s chevrons seem to be placed lower than 4 inches below the shoulder seam, and placed forward of the outside center of the arm.

* The Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist wings seem unlikely to have been earned by a first-enlistment Marine in the Vietnam era, when first-enlistment Marines were generally assigned to ground infantry units.”

A couple of other military folks wrote in with similar responses, one of them saying at the end:

“All-in-all, I would venture to say that this person is either a fake or completely jacked-up.”

Yeah I’m betting heavy on “Sir Patrick” being as fake back then as he is now. He uses his uniform to scam so much these days, something tells me that he was using that fake uniform to scam all he could in 1968 too!

By the way I have no idea who that woman is that’s next to him, but I can’t help feeling sorry for her all the same. What are the odds that she *wasn’t* sucked into his twisted world of scams and violence? Her picture was ripped out, not sure if that’s a good or a bad sign that he did that. Then again maybe she was just a very unlucky blind date…

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