Victim’s Resources

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This is a page for women or girls who have found themselves entrapped in a spider web woven by the man known by so many aliases: Roger Eldon Floyd Sisson, Patrick Donovan Flannagan O’Shannahan, Sir Patrick, “Dr.” Khristian Knight, on and on.

But behind the numerous aliases is the same man who has been entrapping and assaulting victims for decades using many of the same methods.

This means that advice from former victims will be valuable to you so please read on and consider all the advice, but step #1 should be to try to contact the police through 911 or other means if you can.

In some cases the police will not understand the severity of the situation or will have their hands tied legally, do not give up as you can always keep trying that or other means of getting free.

It can be hard for those who aren’t former victims to truly understand the horrific and insane situation that you’re in right now.

This is why this page has in quotes advice from women who have been in your situation, real former victims, now survivors, who experienced the depths of despair that you are in and were eventually able to get away from him.

As one survivor said:

“Anyone who has not gone through something like this has no idea that you are brainwashed by regular verbal, psychological, emotional, and physical abuse.

He would gain some sort of sick sadistic pleasure from watching a person exhibit great fear, or emotional pain.

SP used to laugh in my face and tell me that he could murder me and get away with it by pleading insanity.

I was just trying to stay alive and find an opening to get out without being permanently maimed.”

There is always hope, all you need is one opening to get away.

Here is the advice from former victims:


“the best place to leave him is in a public place with security!”

“if you have found yourself in his web, he will give you a bit of cash randomly. Any cash you get PUT IT AWAY! You’ll need it later.”

“Don’t let him take away your identification. He’ll be on the look out for id and SS card immediately! Put it away somewhere he wouldn’t possible look.

If you are scared and feel you have to give him anything, shred the SS card if you have to. He will use that SS# until its toilet paper.”

“Without your ID you are no one! He takes it away so you have nothing and have to be reliant on him.

When I left him I had no ID! I can not stress enough how important it is to be able to identify yourself.”

“the aftermath of having any acquaintance with SP is, some people who have been victimized by SP who also know that the female is associated with him gets the wrath from those who SP has victimized.”

“Once you’re away be prepared for an onslaught of harassment. He will threaten you, your family and anyone that gets in the way. He’ll try to make you feel as if you did wrong. He’ll tell anyone that will listen what a scum you are and how you did him wrong just like everyone else has done in his life.”

“Get a Restraining order.”

“Delete your email accounts that he knows, he’ll only yell as long as he has an audience. Ignore him, he’ll shut up. A response just keeps his fire fueled.”

“Constantly check your credit after wards.”

“Don’t bet on the VA helping at all! They will not because they will not even recognize your existence!”

“I think the greatest advice I could give about him was what I said previously about leaving in him in a public place with security.”


(Please help get the word out)

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4 Responses to Victim’s Resources

  1. anon says:

    i would also suggest contacting the credit bureaus and having them put a fraud alert on your credit reports as well. last i checked, that’s identity theft, and that’s a crime.

    • anon says:

      BTW, it wouldn’t hurt to file a claim with your state’s attorney general, you should have some luck with the fraud divisions, or a similar department.

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